Whether smoke damage occurred as a result of a cooking masterpiece gone awry or faulty electrical work, removing smoke particulates from walls, furniture, garments and air ducts is essential in eliminating odor — once and for all.

Let’s Look at Two Common Causes of Smoke Damage:

The Kitchen Fire: we’ve all done it to some degree so no one’s passing judgment. Stove top fires resulting in huge amounts of black smoke are the most common cause of smoke damage we see. When caught early, these fires tend to be small but they quickly cause your home to smell foul. If abated properly, this odor can be eliminated within a few days.

Cooking fires often involve burnt meat. The protein within the meat helps the smoke particulates stick to surfaces. Because of this, we’ll use a degreasing agent to remove the protein from walls, ceilings, counter-tops, floors, etc. We’ll then set-up several Air Filtration Devices (AFD’s; also commonly known as “Air Scrubbers”). In this case, our AFD’s will be outfitted with charcoal-based filters. As contaminated air passes through the AFD, the charcoal within the filter bonds with smoke particulates. Because we want to remove 100% of the smoke particulates from the air, we’ll need to run the AFD’s for a few days. The number of AFD’s used and the length of time they’ll be on is determined by the volume of your home.

The Electrical Fire: bad wiring, old fixtures or appliances and damaged outlets are leading causes of electrical fires. These fires tend to produce a smell of “burnt plastic”. Generally speaking, these fires do not produce smoke that has mixed with proteins, but the abatement and cleaning process is similar to that of a kitchen or cooking fire. AFD’s work to purify the air while technicians wipe down surfaces with what’s called a “chem-sponge”. These sponges help lift smoke particulates off surfaces.

After each type of smoke damage, we’ll clean the affected areas with a 100% biodegradable sanitizer, clean carpets and air ducts and, in some cases, we’ll have all affected textiles (from furniture and drapes to clothing) and electronics cleaned by a company who specializes in restoring smoke-affected items.

The Good News: when treated by a professional, a smoke-damaged structure can be completely restored. While this is labor intensive process, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover our services 100%. Give us a call. We’re here to help.